Neutraliz 30L

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Neutralizes odors caused by decomposition of organic substances (waste, mold, manure). Unlike ordinary scents that only cover the smell, this reduces neutralizing them completely. Pleasant and light fragrance of pine. Contains biodegradable substances and is not classified as hazardous according to applicable regulations. Ideal for treatment in food industry, community, distilleries, paint, water treatment plants, composting plants, foundries, rubber industries, farms and where it is required total destruction of odor. The product is used diluted in water at a concentration comprised between 0,5 and 4%. For the product to fulfill effectively its action is necessary nebulizzarlo finely in the environment with high-pressure systems, automatic dispensers and in some cases with sprayers manuals that are able to generate mist of the solution finely distributed.
Appearance: clear liquid
Color: blue
Aroma: Pine
Density at 15°C: 10,10 ± 0,02

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